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I am all about Wildlife and Landscapes images. I want to capture the beauty of the landscapes and the character of the mammals. In my nature photography, I travel to exciting and amazing places but I also create images in the nature close to my home on Östgötaslätten. In my nature images, I want to show environments and tell stories. Stories about amazing sunrises, cold blizzards and fantastic wildlife.

I am a professional nature photographer and run the business “Wildlife and Landscapes”. I am also a travel guide and workshop leader for Wild nature photo travels. Teaching post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop is also a main occupation for me. As an honest and true nature photographer I am a member of the Swedish association Naturfotograferna/N.

Niklas Virsen


I use OLYMPUS bodies and lenses. I am also a swedish Olympus ambassador. Leofoto is my main choice for Tripods and F-stop for backpack.


I am a swedish Olympus Ambassador.

My travel agency.



Oasis Photo Contest (Italy)

Winning image: Trollgöl
Category: Landscapes
Award: Oasis Magazine Award Comended
Entered images: 24. 000

Vist Oasis Photo Contest 2017

See my image here.

Outdoor Photographer of the year (United Kingdom)

Winning image: Whopper swans in the snowfall
Category: Wildlife
Award: Published in the yearbook of more than 17. 000 entered images.

Read more and buy the book here.

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Montphoto – International Competition of Nature Photography (Spain)

Winning image: Last light on the fern
Category: Plant life
Award: Honor award.
Entered images: 13. 000

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 See my images here.