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Creative students

A low-key capture of ”påfågelöga”.

I have been away five days teaching creative nature photography in Skåne, Sweden with Jan Pedersen. The creative students worked with foregrounds, movement, low- and high-key and more. The students really caught some amazing moments in the landscape of Skåne! Even I got to do some images, here is one low-key.

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Ötzi – The Iceman

Ötzi – The Iceman

I got really fascinated by this man who lived 3300 B.C. Ötzi – the iceman. I with Wild Nature phototravels visited the museum in Bolzano, Italy. Amazing with the well-preserved artefacts he left behind for the world to see. I had to make this image in his honour! I used one of my images from the Dolomites in Italy for the background. Ötzi himself is photographed in the museum. There is this amazing reconstruction of him there. I combined the both pictures in post-processing using blend modes in Photoshop CC.

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Badger hide

Badger visit one of my badger hides in the forest.

Not far away from my house on my own land I have some badger hides (photograph hides). Primarily to photograph badgers but there is all kind of animals who show up here, like roe deer, fox and hare. I spend a lot of my evening and sometimes morning in these hides.

This year the badger sightings and photographs has been okay, nothing out of the ordinary but not bad either. But it is a long time left before the badger will say goodnight for the season. Hope for more to come.

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I love my garden!

Delphinium in summer light.

I really love my garden in the countryside. I travel a lot in my photography. Both in Sweden, Norway but also Europe. However sometimes it is nice not needing to travel far. Here is a lot of dragonflies, plants and wild flowers. It really is amazing to have nature so close by my home.

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Nikon D850 annonced

Morning over Passo Pordoi in Italy, Dolomites. Shoot on the Nikon D810.

So, it is soon to be here Nikon D850 which is the upgrade from the fantastic NikonD810. Not much of specification has been leaked. Only a trailer showing of 8K time-lapse. How many megapixels or frame rate the Nikon D850 will have has not yet been revealed. I used Nikon D810 a lot! In fact, it is my main choice of camera from the Nikon house, as well as the fantastic Nikon D500.

So how many megapixels should the Nikon D850 have? If we look at the competition from Canon for example it really should land around 40-50 megapixels, I think. And for frame rate maybe about 7-8 frames per second? This is of course just wild guessing, we will se.

Have a look at this video showing of NikonD850

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A new start

Marmot, Dolomites Italy 2017.

Earlier I used my blog a lot. To share my experience in nature and nature photography but also as journal over my work and travel. This is a new start of the same blog. Social media is very good to reach a lot of people, however I do not have any control over what is shown of my work and are a slave under the algorithm. In this blog I can control what is reaching you as a reader.

The new start of this blog is officaly open.

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