Niklas Virsen nature photographer 

Myskoxar Dovrefjell
Snöhäger, Florida
Red Colobus behind leaves
The hidden hunter

You have reached niklasvirsen.com, the home of nature photographer Niklas Virsen from Sweden.

Nature photography is my passion and occupation. I enjoy making photography of important nature all over the world. I am  a member in the Swedish association "Naturfotograferna /N" (The Nature photographers of Sweden).

My phototravel agency.

I arrange phototravels, workshops and courses with my nature photography travel agency, Fröstad Naturfoto. Both in Scandinavia and all over the world. From the coldest places in the north to the continent of Africa. 

International photo awards🏅

Among my international naturephoto awards.

Asferico 2020 - Chategory winner of Man & Nature

among over 18 000 images.

Montphoto 2017 - Honor Award in Plant Life.

Oasis Photo Contest 2017 - Award commended.